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Lower Prep

Grades 3-5 are 

Prelude Lower Prep Students

 Lower Prep students build on the strong foundation they have received, focusing on a rigorous curriculum that builds knowledge across all subject areas, social and emotional learning skills, and civic education. Students participate in hands-on, engaging assignments where they are challenged and supported to meet high levels of excellence.



Lower Prep students have daily opportunities to develop social and emotional schools through collaboration and play. What to expect for your Lower Prep child:

  • Daily time to collaborate through engaging centers or outdoor team activities:
    • Arts and Crafts Center
    • Building and Design Center
    • Board Games Center
    • Technology Center
    • Creative Writing Center
    • Outdoor team activities- tag, sports, strategy games
  • Daily Outdoor Recess


Prelude Prep has a robust civic education program that allows our students to engage with the school and the local community in meaningful ways. Our three-pillar approach includes:

  • Growing for Giving
    • All Prelude Prep students cultivate our school garden. Students grow food in our gardens, distributing it to our school and the local community.
  • Community Service
    • Prelude Prep students participate in quarterly service projects. Students study our greater community's needs and enact solutions to address the need.
  • Student Government
    • Our school-wide student government encourages students to share ideas and interests with school faculty and leadership. Students attend monthly town hall meetings where they vote on service projects, receive recognition for goals and achievements, participate in activities that build a strong school community, and learn from community leaders.

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